RAFT educational activities spark the love of learning and align with nationally adopted common core curriculum standards.

RAFT serves the needs of all types of educators – classroom teachers, early care and education professionals, after school program providers, youth and community leader and homeschoolers. Qualified educators who are not near RAFT membership centers (San Jose and Redwood City in California plus Denver, CO) can create a RAFT online account at our online store. The online store also provides resources for non-professional educators who love to teach their kids the hands on way! Anyone who is an educator can join RAFT. Our members work with people of all ages to inspire hands-on learning.

All students benefit from having inspiring hands-on activities that re-enforces learning and engages them in the learning process.
RAFT has activities that enable sensory motor experiences, peer interaction, storytelling, problem solving and that delight them as they learn.
When getting kids interested in studies after school, hands-on learning helps get them interested and enjoying what they are studying.
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts have a long list of favorite RAFT Activities that meet badge requirements, fun to do… and easy for Scout Leaders to buy.
Summer camps, Kids Camps, Math and Science Camps of all kinds appreciate the variety, prices and entertaining learning resources from RAFT.
RAFT Hands-on learning activities meet Common Core standards and support a learning environment that encourages students to learn by doing.