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Our goal is to foster the development of strong affiliate Resource Area For Teaching organizations and programs throughout the country, each serving their individual communities, as well as contributing to the RAFT Network.

Becoming an operating RAFT is an exciting and fulfilling journey. We applaud your willingness to entertain such a huge, challenging and rewarding endeavor. We have instituted the RAFT Network to provide support, and allow other communities to benefit from the lessons we have learned over the past decade, as well as from the strong positive reputation we have earned and the solid connections we have made with major partners.

Following a successful initial application, you will undertake the external feasibility planning activities necessary for being offered a Probationary Contract. RAFT has several guidelines and how-to’s to help you in building a larger base of supporters, identify board members and program volunteers, material donors and potential financial contributors as well as verify that your plans consider key elements unique to your community. This is critically important to you being able to succeed.

Allow time to develop the plans and materials we are requesting here. As the Network develops, we anticipate that an increasing number of resources will become available to help you.

If you have any questions as you go through our process, please do not hesitate to contact us.