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  • RAFT Summer Quarterly Newsletter: This issue of the Quarterly Newsletter features: How RAFT honors a diverse range of educators for exceptional hands-on teaching with our quarterly Hands-On Award and the annual Robert Brownlee Award. We hope these profiles inspire you to te ...continue
  • Recognizing Exceptional Teaching: At RAFT we see examples of exceptional teaching every single day.  Educators from in and outside the classroom come through our doors and to the online store looking for ideas and resources that will help them convey complex concepts and g ...continue
  • Common Core Connections to RAFT Hands-on Teaching: Hands-on strategies will play a pivotal role in Common Core (and, later on, Next Generation Science) instruction, which emphasizes how students find answers and solutions (critical thinking, evaluation, research, etc.) rather than simply th ...continue
  • New and Coming Soon Highlights: Refresh, Restore, Reset – During these so-called lazy days of summer, we could not be busier and more focused than we are right now getting everything ready for Back-to-School, the biggest shopping time of the year for teachers. We ha ...continue

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