February 2016

RAFT believes the best way to spark the love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers and creators is through hands-on learning. As a nonprofit organization founded in 1994, RAFT leverages community donations and volunteer support to serve 11,000 educators each year who teach nearly 900,000 students.



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News and Events

Mark Your Calendar

February 13th: Glenna Harris Weavers at RAFT San Jose – We’re lucky to have a group of weavers and spinners come to RAFT every February for demos of (you guessed it) weaving, yarn spinning, and other related activities! To learn more about the Glenna Harris Weavers, please click here.

RAFT Hires New Director of Learning

Jason Pittman joined the RAFT family on January 4th as the new Director of Learning! To learn more, click here.

Black History Month Make-and-Take

Location: RAFT San Jose and RWC

Date: Saturday, February 6th

Time: 10am-12pm

Stop by and join RAFT Math Master Teacher, Jeanne Lazzarini, in the San Jose Green Room Annex on February 6th from 10am to 12pm for a very special Black History Month free make-and-take Akuaba math activity!

Based on a new RAFT idea sheet, and inspired by African Akuaba ceremonial figures with their large, disc-like heads, Jeanne shows you how to integrate African culture with concepts of mathematical “Golden” proportions and ratios. In the making of Akuaba figures, students use Common Core Math practices throughout their investigations making measurements that form golden ratios and proportions: paying attention to detail, being persistent in their investigations, being precise with numbers, looking for efficient strategies in their constructions, using number sense and math to describe a real situation, and using tools strategically.

RAFT Redwood City will feature this make-and-take opportunity as well.

photo 1Grades Covered: 5 through 8
Subjects Covered: Math, Social Studies, Art

Curriculum topics:

  • Patterns & Relationships
  • Proportions & Ratios
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Symmetry
  • Geometric Shapes
  • African Culture
  • Artistic Explorations


Teaching in China Brings New Opportunities to UM-Flint Education Alumnus

Written by: Christy Capelan, Published by Umflint.edu

Teaching in China has turned into an incredible professional journey for University of Michigan-Flint alumnus Gerrard Allen.

A native of Lathrup Village near Detroit, Gerrard earned his Master’s Degree in Education last year through UM-Flint’s Education with Certification (MAC) Program and the Detroit Teacher Project. To read more, click here.

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Hands-On Activities


Fizzy Rockets

These rockets enable students to use design thinking and are effective demonstrations of Newton’s laws of motion. The liftoff power of the rocket is produced by a common acid/base chemical reaction that creates carbon dioxide gas; making this activity an ideal tool for teaching students about chemical reactions and how pressure can do work on objects.

Grades Covered: 4 through 12
Subjects Covered: Physical Science, Earth/Space Science

Curriculum topics: Air pressure, Chemical reactions, Forces, Momentum, Motion, Newton’s laws

Download Idea Sheet here.

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Professional Development

 Saturday, February 6th: Teaching Storytelling

Saturday, February 13th: Letters: A Brief History and Introduction to Letterforms




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