July 2015

RAFT believes the best way to spark the love of learning for the next generation of thinkers, innovators, problem-solvers and creators is through hands-on learning. As a nonprofit organization founded in 1994, RAFT leverages community donations and volunteer support to serve 11,000 educators each year who teach nearly 900,000 students.


What's in Store?


Our first Back to School event will be at RAFT Redwood City on July 24th through July 25th. Supplies will be limited so get there early to join in the Back to School fun! Select products, such as electronics, will be sold only Saturday at both San Jose and Red Wood City locations. Below are a few select items we'll be featuring on certain days - quantities may be limited!

Friday Specials: Kiddie furniture, backpacks and computer bags, Kleen Kanteen bottles, and free specialty math books!

Saturday Specials: Earthquake preparedness kits, copy paper, brand new iPod Touch music players, computers, computer monitors, flat screen TVs, computer bags, chess sets, Klutz Books at 50% off, and stickers for buy one, get one free - items will be be limited so get to RAFT early!
RAFT Redwood City
Friday, July 24 - Saturday, July 25:
(101 Twin Dolphin Drive)

RAFT San Jose
Friday, July 31 - Saturday, August 1:
 (1355 Ridder Park Drive)

RAFT Redwood City's Back to School starts Friday, July 24. RAFT Redwood City will be closed July 22-23 in preparation, however, RAFT San Jose will be open normal hours.

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News and Events

20/20 Membership Offer is Back!
RAFT is once again offering members the 20/20 membership program. When members bring a friend to RAFT, that friend is eligible to join for $20 – that’s half off! As Back to School is coming up quickly, this would be the perfect time to get your membership and start benefiting from this huge discount.

Remember, to thank you for bringing a new member to RAFT that joins the same day you bring them to the store, you will be able to renew that day for $20 or receive a coupon which can be used when you’re ready to renew anytime between now and August 2016. This offer cannot be combined with any other and is good for the month of July 2015 only. Bring a friend and enjoy 20/20! 

Shirley Young, RAFT’s Member Services Manager, is retiring!    

Join us as we bid Shirley Young good-bye from RAFT. We will be having light refreshments on Thursday, July 23rd from 5:00pm to 6:30pm at RAFT San Jose.

This will be a chance to offer best wishes for Shirley’s retirement!

California Teachers Summit 2015

 This summer, more than 20,000 teachers from across the state will gather for Better Together: California Teachers Summit, a one-of-a-kind event designed to help teachers build a powerful network of peers, share best practices and access effective resources to implement the new California Standards. The event will take place on Friday, July 31, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and will be held at 33 universities throughout the state. Educators can register and get more information here:


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Hands-On Activities

The Sun provides a daily source of free and non-polluting energy that can be collected and converted. ConcentrateSOLAR  sunlight using a reflective collector and explore heating and “cooking” foods and other materials.

Grades Covered: 3 through 12
Subjects Covered: Physical Science, Earth/Space Science

View activity here.

Grades Covered: 3 through 12
Subjects Covered: Physical science, earth/space science

Curriculum topics: Solar heating, radiant energy, apparent motion of sun, reflectivity

Visit the RAFT Online Store, create your RAFT Online Store account and receive lower member pricing on all kits ordered online.

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Professional Development

RAFT’s workshop program is designed to enrich educational programs by facilitating the practice of hands-on teaching across the curriculum. All RAFT workshops offer you the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from San Jose State University. Participants can purchase one CEU from SJSU for every 10 hours of RAFT workshop instruction completed within a semester.

Saturday, July 25Teambuilding II: Join us to further build your repertoire of games designed to promote teambuilding in the classroom and to augment existing teaching techniques. All new and different games than we played in Teambuilding I.

*Note that both of the Teambuilding workshops offered at RAFT are different. You do not need to take Teambuilding I to take Teambuilding II.

Click here for a full list of summer workshops.

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