Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) relies on bulk material donations by the community, which we repurpose for educational activities for students in Pre-k through 12th grade.

Your material donations do more than just contribute to the education of kids. By donating your used and unwanted materials to RAFT, you are building a more sustainable world and a healthier environment by keeping our landfills free of perfectly usable materials.

Please contact the RAFT location nearest you for more information about material donations.


RAFT is always looking for new items to create learning activities. Before you head to the recycling center or throw things into the dumpster, we encourage you to consider contacting us to find out if your surplus materials could be useful for teachers.

RAFT accepts a wide range of materials, here are some examples:

  • Old inventory
  • Returned products and overstock
  • Manufacturing overruns
  • Production end pieces, punch-outs & rejects
  • Outdated promotional items
  • Office supplies of all types (new or used)
  • Arts & crafts materials, including matte board & foam board
  • Tubes, containers, lids & caps
  • Fabric, foam & textiles
  • Manufacturing by-products such as plexiglass, rubber & vinyl
  • Wire and magnets
  • CDs, CD cases & CD spindles
  • Medical and lab supplies
  • Promotional items and gifts (i.e. balloons, buttons, t-shirts, mugs, key rings, water bottles, etc.)

Please refer to our Material WishList for more types of materials we are looking for.


We created Donation Guidelines to ensure that RAFT runs as efficiently as possible. All donations must be in good condition and re-usable, as is. RAFT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and your donation is tax-deductible as allowed by law.

We DO NOT accept the following:

  • Large furniture items such as desks or partitions
  • Household items, such as clothes or appliances
  • Technology donations from walk-in donors
  • CRT monitors
  • Containers that once held food, vitamins, or medications
  • Containers that once held soap, bleach, or petroleum products
  • Sharp items, such as needles or metal/glass fragments
  • Dirty, hazardous, or contaminated items
  • Binders over 2 1/2 (too big for backpacks)
  • Packaging supplies (i.e. peanuts or packing foam)
  • Styrofoam


Please see below for links to addresses and hours of our sites which accept drop off donations.

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RAFT offers local businesses FREE pick up of donated materials of one pallet or more. Contact your local RAFT location for a donation pick up.

Please select your local RAFT

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All donations to RAFT are tax-deductible as allowed by law.